A new GlossyBox

Hello everyone. Hope your all having a great morning. It’s close to the weekend. Any interesting plans? (I’m working!!)

Onto the post. I got a London themed box from Glossybox. Its beautifully illastrated but not sure why there is an elephant wondering around?!


Now onto the contents of the box. Which I’ll be honest I’m not to sure on. Some products are a hit and others are a miss. And one is a maybe, so-so kinda thing.


I really like the sound of the Bee Good Youth moisturiser. It’s meant to plump, smooth and soften your skin. It has a very nice scent to it, not quite sure what it is, but it smells sweet. The product is also made by British Bees and you can get a full-size version for £23.50 on beegood.co.uk.


The next item I’m excited to try is the Velvet Lippie by Absolute New York in the colour ‘Rumba’.


It’s a lovely coral/peach pink colour. I love how well it works with my skin tone too. (It’s a nightmare to find a pink that’s not overpowering or super draining!!) I like the matte like finish it has, hopefully it shouldn’t dry out the lips. (I’ll wear it tonight at work!) This is a full size product and you can get it for £4.93 from absolutenyproducts.com.

And finally the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. A great way to get rid of makeup…..gently. It’s suitable for all skin types and even sensitive skin. I’ll have to double check that. (Gonna ask the sister to give it a try. She has sensitive skin.) You can get the fullsize from your local superdrug for £8.99. Not bad. Need to see if they test on animals before I purchase.


Finally the 2 products I’m not very keen on. The Hawaiian Tropic satin protection SPF 30 is a maybe. I already love my sunscreen that I use and don’t really like changing it. But I will give this one a go. (When the sun is out of course!) It kinda smells like coconut and almonds. If anyone uses this, can you tell me what ya think of it?? The fullsize is worth £13.99 from hawaiiantropicshop.co.uk.

And finally the Revlon mascara. Not much to say here but that I don’t like mascara. Never have. So I don’t really want it. I’ll most likely give it to one of the gals at work. Tis a shame. Fullsize product is avaible from your local boots at £9.99.

Hope you all enjoyed the unwrapping of this month’s Glossybox. I love the green tissue paper and the london style box.

Until next my beautiful readers. Bye.


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