Kiko Buys! (A small beauty haul)

Good afternoon my beautilful people. I do hope your all having a gorgeous week so far. I’m enjoying time off after 9 days of work. Phew! As a treat for using maximum effort at work, I decided to go a tad bit crazy at Kiko cosmetics. And here is what I bought:


I was in a blue lovin’ mood when I made this purchase. (Plus its my fav colour!!) These are gorgeous colours, not very spring like but they do work with my love of darker shades. The dark red and the lightest blue are from Kiko’s Power Pro nail collection. I really like the muddy blue one at the bottom of the pic.


I couldn’t resist putting the darkest shade on!! It may be a more autumn/winter shade but it sets my mood perfectly. Plus it looks good on my paws. This is in the shade 15 and is a gorgeous dark red colour.


And how can I possibly ingore my love for all things lip related!! I got myself these 2 gorgeous lipsticks, 2 lip pencils and the Radiant Fusion Baked Powder in no. 3. Now onto my favourite lip product here:


This one pairs nicely with my nails. I love the deep rich red colour. Plus the packaging is really cool. From their Gossamer Emotion range in no. 128. In love!!! Its creamy and non-drying. But i’ll be putting it to the test soon.

Until the next installment my beautiful roses. Farwell.

Ps. Does anyone else like Kiko?? What’s your favourite product?


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