Up-dated skincare!

Hello gorgeous people. Sorry, I seem to have vanished from the face of the planet. (Work if I’m honest!) Anyway I have an updated post on my skin care routine. Not all the products I use will be shown, just the ones I use often. Hope you enjoy. Here we go:


Some of my skincare!! Some of you will know I have combo skin. Which care became really dry and then be super oily. It all depends on the weather and my own health. (I get really oily skin when I’m ill.)

I love the tea tree range from the Body Shop, some of the best stuff to help with my blemished skin and keep it fresh. I’m not to keen on the face wash though, I prefer the foam wash that they have. I feel that it works better and actually cleans my skin.

The face masks get used at least twice a week. One great for cleaning out my pores and the other one just makes my skin feel and look amazing. I’m planning on getting the seaweed mask, as that will help with re-hydrating my skin.

I love the vitamin C skin reviver. I always put it on before make up just as an extra layer and that it adds a nice glow. Plus it smells really nice.

And finally the skinflow serum collection. I talked about these in an earlier post and they are great. After I’ve washed my face and used all my toners and creams these go on last to help repair damaged skin and boost the health of my skin.

Whats your skin care routine like?? Do you use anything I use??


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