The Outfit Post.

The outfit of the day. A small combo of a cosy winter cardigin and a little spring style. My little take on the stunning grunge style.


I love long cardigins. And this one is oversized too, it goes past my knees (and i’m a tall ish gal). Isn’t very heavy which is surprising how warm and cosy it actually is. Not to mention very soft. Loving the grey tones, which are bang on trend.

Now onto the dress. Which is a style and colour that I don’t own, until now of course. The khaki (dark mud like green colour) is actually very nice. I know it’s not screaming SPRING time, but the sytle does. Having no sleeves and a thin strap near the neck. The dress also isn’t clingly or form fitting. Prefect to breathe in and not becoming self-conscious. I love it. It’s long and elegant and can easily be dressed up or down. I’m dressing it down today.

Plus I love the necklace that comes with it.


The long line necklace is attached to the dress and is de-attachable. Great for the washing machine. The 3 squares are actually a very nice touch. Something simple yet stylish. I got these items out of Primark. So a great buy. Now I’m away to have a gals afternoon with mum. Bye.

Until next time beauties.


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