A tiny Swimwear Edition.

Good morning gorgeous people. Hope your all doing well and dreaming of hot summer days and lazyin about on the beach. Cause I sure am!!! Don’t get me wrong, winter is my favourite season…..I just only love it when we get loads of snow and it feels like winter. (Not a colder, wetter version of autumn!)

Anyway a little off track here. Back to the post. I couldn’t wait until we got swimwear in stores so I treated myself to some. And here they are:


This gorgeous dark green one had been a no. 1 pick for me. Until I got it and noticed it’s a dreaded tie knot one. Not very keen on these ones, but it’s being kept as an emergency bikini. But I do love the colour and the strap detail on the briefs and bikini top. (Such a shame its a strap tie one!)

On to the second:


This is awesome! Look at the colour. Love the tribal print every time and solid detail. Plus its got a solid top, so no worrying in case the straps come loose. I’ll be wearing this bikini far more often. Its colourful and fits nicely. Not too tight and not to loose.

I don’t think I’m the only gal that ever has that problem with swimwear. Where it’s either too tight or a little loose, even though its meant to be for your size??  Anyway I got these 2 bikini’s from RoseGal.com without a hige price tag either. Bargin!!

Until next time my beautiful readers.


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2 thoughts on “A tiny Swimwear Edition.

  1. I find these beautiful. I myself an not a bikini type of person because I dont feel so confident but I am trying to loose the baby fat i’ve had since my daughter was born haha. That was 18 months ago.

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