Not a Valentine’s Gal

Hello gorgeous people. How’s you?? Hope your weekend was full of cute adventure’s! This post is gonna be a little ranty. (You have been warned!!)

Valentine’s Day. The day of love and couples. It’s just around the corner, worrying about the perfect gift for the other half, booking a fancy meal……and I personally can’t stand it.

We should be treating our other halves like ‘kings and queens’ on a daily basis. Not just one day a friggin year!!! Don’t get me wrong, I am a romantic. I love candles, flowers and cute little love notes just as much as the next gal. But it’s the thought that really matters.

A nice home cooked meal, some of your favourite flowers waiting for ya, a walk down your favourite park, a romantic bath and chocolates. Or even a picnic!! (Depends on the weather of course) Nothing fancy. Just something personal and intimate for the couple.

Valentine’s day is meant to be about the couple not the price tag………which it has become.

Either way I hope you have a lovely day! (Like you should every day.)


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