Some January Favourite’s

Hello gorgeous people. Hope your January has been a great month so far. It’s been a rather interesting month so far. I’ve kinda had a hard time choosing some favourite’s. (I have so many this month!!) So I’ve limited myself to only a few. One has already been mentioned. Now without futher ado, here we go:


All together now!! I wanted a mix of items to take part. (Also wanted to include my Marvel superhero jumper but it’s getting washed!) Anyway, such a pretty group of items!!


First off the Essence liquid lipstick has had a mention before. It’s a gorgeous coral colour. The Marc Jacobs ‘Decadence’ was a birthday present from the other half. I absolutely adore the bag design for the perfume. How different and super stylish. What can I say, I like dark colours. But it does smell amazing. Very subtle in scent but its strong too. Kinda musky with a little floral. (Does that even make sense??)


A close up of the angel wings braclet. It’s lovely and dainty. But a little large for my wrist, kinda gotta keep an eye on it!! But I love it any way.


The Teeez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick in ‘Coral Onyx’ is another winter savior!! Infused with coconut oil it keeps lips hydrated and nourished through out the day. The subtle pink hue isn’t over bearing on me and is bang on trend this season. Besides the packaging is funky. (Pssst, Teeez don’t test on animals!! Go tell your friends!)


And finally. This gorgeous mustard coloured purse from New Look!! How pretty is this baby! I can finally have most of my cards free from one another. It does clash with my dark red bag, but hay I love it. The mustard colour is also trending this season, a somewhat loud colour in the coldest month. Sounds good to me.


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