First Lush Purchase’s.

Hello gorgeous people. Over the last few weeks I have been asked by several people if I’ve ever been to Lush. And the answer…….no. I hadn’t been, until now!! I had a girlie shopping trip to stirling and ended up making a put stop at the Lush there. And here is what I purchased:


You can see a theme going on here! Its all blue and smells really sweet. (Blue is the best colour ever!! Can you tell?) The first product is the shower gel called ‘Dirty Springwash’ strange name but I love it. The spearmint and menthol scent has helped clear my sinuses. (Seriously, it has. I can breathe easier!!)

The second is the strange shower jelly that I love using in the morning! Called ‘Whoosh’ the strong combo of lemon and lime gives it a good kick in the morning.


This always makes me chuckle!!! An alien on your own planet. Class.

And finally the big brick of goodness.


Isn’t it amazing!! It looks like marble for the body. A big chuck of solidified ocean!! The ‘Outback Mate’ is a blast of eucalyptus, lemon and peppermint. This is most likely my favourite product by Lush. I kept going back to this every time I walked by the shop!!

I love all the strong scents. Can’t wait to go again. Very pleased that Lush is fighting against Animal Testing and is vegan. So everything is good for the skin and hair.

What’s your favourite Lush product??


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