Winter Scarves.

Ah winter. The best time of year. If your too hot you can cool down quickly and it gives the prefect excuse to bundle up on the layers. One of the items I always love wearing (and always need an exuse to wear) is a scarf. They are just so versitale, with a style for everyone. Onto some of my winter favourites:


This scarf is from River Island, I got it at christmas. I haven’t really taken it off since. The colours are also brilliant. Nothing too girly with a lovely mixture of dark greys, soft blues and pinks. Even a nice caramel colour in there.

The scarf itself is thick and large. As you can see it covers the bottum part of face and reaches my ears. I love the soft texture, and staying all cosy.


This scarf is massive!! I mean really huge. A chunky knit scarf thats also long. (Its always gonna stay a favourite!) I can’t remember where my mum got me this one……..I’ve had it for years and it still does the trick. I only use this one when its snowing or strong winds. It keeps me warmer than my River Island one so its only used for really bad weather.

(A quick heads up, my younger sister is making knitted items. If interested please leave a comment!)


Now this is a very recent piece added to the scarf collection. My younger sister actually made this for me. Its not overly large but on a slighly chilly day it does the trick. But she did add in some extra length, just so I could bulk it up. I love the fading pink to white. I’m not a fan of pink but a soft pink will be just fine.

I’m looking forward to the brown faded wool. Can’t wait too see how that one goes.


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