Farewell Chapter 23. Hello Chapter 24.

Hello gorgeous people. Hope your all doing well. (This isn’t a ‘what I want from 2016 post!!) Well it’s another biological year gone by. I’ve reached the messy age of 24. Fun times. Another year older, not so sure on the wiser part though…….

23 was a rather interesting age. Having to make ‘adult’ decisions even though I’d rather build a pillow fort. Ah that is life though. However I believe I’ve learned a lot about myself, in  way I guess. I haven’t quite learned enough or everything for that matter. I’m still having to ask my mum for advice for the little things. Still got so much to learn and such precious little time to do it in.

When I just turned 23 I thought I had all the time in the world. But now, I kinda don’t, it’s a little scary and a little daunting. Kinda makes me wish I could just be 6 again and my only concern was when I’d get to see my bestie again. Ah the simple life.

Grow. Build. Conquer.

However in Chapter 24 of my life, I hope to have so many good, fond memories too look upon. Maybe some sad times sure (just gotta remember to get back up!), but I’ll make the good memories last. Being 24 could be the kick up the ass that I’ve been needing. I’ll even forgive this time around. I’ll be stronger for this chapter. I’ll make that difference, one damn step at a time.

Heck I’ve got a dream, a vision even of where I wanna be. So does everyone. So I’ll work towards that dream. I’ll break down those closed doors, I’ll rip apart those chains that have been placed upon me, and I’ll burn all those who say that ‘I can’t do it’.

Grow. Build. Conquer. Each day will have a success, each day I’ll get that bit closer. You wanna join me?? Well then, lets go and see what kinda waves we can cause.


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