Scaffolding Piercing. Ouchie!!

Hello everyone. I hope that the first week of 2016 has been a creative and productive week for ya. I’ve been really busy the last few days, but thats for another time. Back onto this post. I was given money form my older sister. So I decided to give myself a wee early birthday treat!!


My scaffolding done!! It’s so cool and still painful. I’ve wanted this piercing done for a few years and finally braced myself for it. Rather pleased with myself actually. The bar itself is just a simple bar, and I’m already eyeing up a few new ones.

Now a small bit of info for ya. The scaffolding piercing can take up to 12 – 14 weeks to heal! No swimming during that time. And sleeping on that side is impossible. (I struggled to sleep on my left side last night. I normally sleep on my right side.)

Another thing. If you are considering getting a scaffolding done know this: there is gonna be blood. Not loads but some. And it is painful, I won’t lie to ya. It’s very sore. But worth it though. The lovely lady that did mine was fantastic. Giving me a minute to compose myself and explaining everything that I needed to know.

Oh, can’t forget the after care!! Need to clean the piercing twice a day or when soap bubbles get on it. Just don’t clean it all the time. My long hair is also a slight problem, so have to keep it up. Washing hair will be difficult also but I love a challenge.

Over all I’m really pleased with it. Love the fact that I finally got it done!!! My mum won’t be so pleased though…………oops!!


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