Bead Braclets.

Now before I forget……Happy New Year everyone!! Hope its a year things go well or keep getting better for ya. Now onto the post………

Beads. And braclets. Some of my favourite things, within reason of course.


Yip, these are friendship braclets. (I didn’t give them to friends. They got something a little more personal.) And I love em. The fact that the beads are all the same colour but the threads make them look very different. Black, blue, a dark green and dark pink. They don’t mark the skin normally (I kept them on over night), with a soft texture and they aren’t super tight either.

They can seem childish – but then again, I am childish – but they were too cute to resist. Love the colour that they have. They’re surprisingly sturdy too, surviving my hyperactive brother and my walking habits. Plus they were only £1 each!! I call that a bargin.

Personally I normally wear them to add some colour or a bit of fun to whatever I’m wearing that day. They suit my quirky personality too a T. But now I think I’ll keep em on for a while. (Difficult to tie with one hand might I add!) Next time I might wear them as ankel braclets.


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