2015….What a Year!! (Personal)


How to start this…..well it’s been one crazy year! From some amazing moments to all the times I just wanted to crash. I would love to let you all know some of these times and a few others. Who knows fellow readers, you might even get a few laughs. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s start with an embarrassing/funny moment: (there’s many but one does stick out) I was at work and just happily doing my job. I’m a bingo hall assistant. Anyway, I was checking a claim during the link. The customer had made me giggle, I was laughing so hard that I snorted into the microphone. Now if it was just my club I woulda laughed it off, but we were linked to all the other clubs……..all 10 clubs. On the busiest night of the week. Never again. How embarrassing.

Now onto a happy moment. One of the happiest moments had to be were I finally got to see my niece for the first time. After a year of not knowing her (issues with the dad’s family) I finally got to see the little cutie and almost cried. I now get to see her every week. Can’t wait for her to start saying auntie K!!! Only saw her 2 days ago and she was in the cute dress I got her for christmas. Such a happy moment.

A growing up moment. I did do a post about this a while back. A somewhat scary and proud moment. I moved outta my mum’s house and into my partner’s house. Been a strange thing to get used to but I love it. Plus I’m even closer to my mum now that we have our own space. The last few months has tested us but me and ross have done well for ourselves. (We haven’t killed each other yet, so a big thumbs up there!!)

A sad moment. When I found out that our old neighbour had passed away. He was a lovely man and had adopted us into his family. He always had a smile and a cheeky grin on his face. RIP Toni. Yours always missed. xx

You know when you have one of those ‘enough of this’ moments. Yeah it’s one of those. I had decided to cut a few people out of my life this year. Mainly due to all the negative drama that was always happening. But it got to a head where I had finally had enough and called it quits. After weeks of worry and annoyance, I threw in the towel. And never once looked back and been upset. An 8 year friendship lost, but I’m better off now.

A ‘Shouldn’t have done that’ moment. We all have them. Mum and me decided to have a girls night. So the bailey’s was out in full force, after 2 bottles mum thought it would be a good idea to get the chocolate gateau out. We polished that between us. That was a very silly idea. Avery silly idea.

Well there is some of my favourite or well remembered moments from 2015. What was your 2015 like?? Please leave them in the comments. I’m noisy. ๐Ÿ™‚

All the best for 2016 beauties. Love from Seasonal-Rose.



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