Re-hydrating Dry Skin.

We all have that one season which plays havoc on our skin. Winter is the one that hates me the most……even though it’s my favourite season. It always leaves my skin dry and dull. Which can be very fustrating. Due to this my skincare changes slighty. Using products that are more hydrating and still gentle to the skin.


Heavenly Hydration from Avon in their Planet Spa range. It has a mixture of sesame seed oil and mediterranean olive oil which helps lock in moisture and keeps skin soft.

It also smells amazing!! (Dear readers I love nice scents. I notice scents alot quicker than many other things.)

Two smalls drops of this at night, heated up by rubbing the hands together it leaves my skin soft. It goes on an hour before bed, that way its started to be obsorbed into the skin. By next morning my skin is softer and less. I do wash any excess oil off in the morning. Got to stick to the skincare routine!!

I do sometimes mix this oil into my foundation or concealer. That mainly happens when the begs under my eyes are at their darkest and need that extra punch of hydration. Plus I get really good coverage!! Only 1 drop though, don’t want the foundation to ‘slide’ to much.

Drinking water also helps keep skin hydrated. I try to use a small combo of things to help, espically during the cold crisp months of winter.

Hope you enjoyed the post beauties. How do you keep your skin hydrated??


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