A Statement Piece – Turquoise

Jewels. From semi-percious like topaz all the way the percious stones like diamond. Everyone has their favourites. Each one can become a special gift to any person. This year I got my mum something a little more different. Something more unusual.


This stunning turquoise crystal by InTheMomentUk on etsy. Not something that will break the bank and not inexpensive either. (I plan on getting a few more pieces, but don’t tell my other half!!)

Turquoise is also the stone of protection and is one of the oldest stones used. A stone of friendship. (mum is my bestfriend) 😁

It is simple, yet elegant and stylish. Not too busy but a stunning statement piece. The sterling silver chain is my only concern for mum. She doesn’t like anything thats too close to the front of her neck. (Gonna have to be sneaky here I think!!) But sterling silver is favored by me than gold. (I’m allergic to cheap gold or anything classed as fake gold.)

I love the fact that its different and unusual round here. Not many people have this kind of item and I love the idea of that. Luckily mum loves things all quirky and different. Plus the delivery was rather quick too!

Whats your favourite stone?


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