Sarah.G.Cosmetics makeup brushes.

A while ago I had ordered some makeup brushes, mainly due to the fact that I didn’t have an actual decent set. So I began looking for a well priced and decent set. And eventually I had a brand mentioned to me by some lovely bloggers through twitter. Being curious by nature, I had a lookie and this is what I found:


These are only 3 brushes out of a set of 24 that I got for £20 from Sarah.G.Cosmetics. And I love them!! They are so soft on the skin, easy to use and easy to clean. Each brush holds the product well and applies nicely. I will be honest, I’m still learning the ropes and what each brush does. So I haven’t used them yet to their full potential. They had been used for halloween and wedding.

Light wooden handles, (real easy to keep clean, hate smugdie handles! Foundation, I’m looking at you!) With a mix synthetic hair and goats hair for the brush hair. They also come in a black roll up, so very easy to take on holiday or to a house party. 


They DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS!!!! Major bonus for all ya lovely ladies (and gents!) Who love our furry friends.

You can check out all the gorgeous products at
I can’t wait to repurchase, I do have a small post about a trio set of eyeshadows from them. Check it out beauties.


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