Settling In At The New House!!

As some of you will now I was meant to be moving. Well it’s now been just over 2 weeks since I left the nest and mum. And it feels wierd!!


The gold key is the new key!!! I moved in with my partner and we where lucky to het his mother’s house!! So no depoist that will cripple or having to worry about pets or if its short term/long term. Woop.

Downside though, is that I do miss my mum. She always had a cuppa ready for me and the wee man (little bro) always had a cheeky smile on. But I love the time I get to spend with them now.

But I do wish I had done a few things before hand. These ideas might help you if you plan on moving:

1. Save some cash in a savers account. (Just save in general!!) Give yourself a minimum of how much you want to save before you leave. Then reach it slowly, don’t leave yourself in a pickel. It provides a small finacial cushion, and helps in the future.

2. Know how to cook! I’m lucky ross loves to cook, but I’m learning too. There are loads of easy recipes to try that don’t break the bank or budget. Simple meals go the distance and stops family from worrying about ya. Or invest in a slow cooker.

3. Buy some bits and bobs before you move in. It could be small things like a key holder to something big like a bookshelf. You then have it in place and dont need to panic.

4. Lists. Write down everything you need to get (or do), then you can figure out the more important stuff to the less important. (Besides who doesn’t love crossing stuff off a list and seeing it get smaller!!)

5. And finally mail. Get your mail sorted. Redirect it if need be folks. You could have a very important package delivered to the wrong address and it could be a gift for your mum!! Not cool.

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