Nails Inc london – a small review!

Love nail varnish. It can be a great way to add a little quirkiness to any day or some fun with a pop of colour. But I love the way they can work so well with the seasons. Everyone to their own. I got a nail varnish from this months latest Glossybox and here it is:


This gorgeous khaki or some cases a mossy, green is from Nails Inc London in the shade 265. It is such a perfect earthy colour for the colder autumn season. A smooth matte like finish and a nice shine with a top coat for sealling in the colour. Don’t want it ruined just yet! (Even though its been tested already!)

Its not super bright, but calmly muted to work so well. Bang on trend with all the earthy shades that are coming out too. I could have got a blush pink colour, but I prefer this one alot more. It’s already survived a hard day at work and not suffered any chips. Had a few comments too!!

This is the full size product and costs £11 from


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