Self-Confidence, don’t sell yourself short.

Hello my gorgeous people. Finally got a day off work so thought I’d share a little motivation with everyone. I got chatting to a lovely young gal at work, after 15 minutes I noticed that she had very little confidence. Even though she was actually OLDER than me. The horrible thing was that she kept selling herself short. So I gave her a confidence boost, told her to apply to college and just go for it. But it got me thinking, we all have a confidence issues or sell ourselves short at some point in time. So here is as little advice from me to you.

Self-confidence. It’s something many people lack, maybe some fake confidence and others are just over flowing with it. It’s not easy finding it or keeping it for that matter. One person can build it up and another can knock it down just as easily. IMG_20150121_141132

But getting that self-confidence, now that’s the trick. I used to hate myself, I was my own worst enemy. The worst critic of my work and I would get so horrible with myself if I didn’t reach perfection. But not now, I do still have moments where I get on at myself but not as bad. I understand my flaws but no longer let them get in the way of my talents.

Now I know I’m not amazing but I’m getting there. I believe in myself more so than ever. Confidence is self-confidence. Knowing that you are good at what you do, and knowing that you’ll get even better as you continue on. My confidence is knowing my intelligence, my love of art and the fact that I stick to what interests me. It’s knowing myself and respecting that.

I respect what I can do and what I can’t. Baby steps. That’s what it takes, nice easy steps. Get back to the basics of yourself, the real you, the raw emotional you. Knowing what your good at and being damn proud of it! And maybe even admitting that those flaws we all have aren’t really flaws, but things that make each of us a little more special.

Don’t sell yourself short of what your capable of. If your a writer get that novel published, don’t worry if you need to go through 20 different agents!! (How many did J.K.Rowling go through?? How many no’s did she get, and now look at her!!) Each one of you is capable of something amazing, something breath taking, something that can improve our lives maybe even change how we see things. Never sell yourself short.

Self-confidence, Self-acceptance, Self-love. They all go hand in hand.


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