Sarah.G.Cosmetics eyeshadow trio.

Sarah.G.Cosmetics was a brand that a couple of other bloggers highly recommended to me for some makeup brushes. My order was rather late but because of this I got an eyeshadow as an apology gift. (The owner is amazing and responded to my concern quickly and brilliantly!!) I have never heard of this brand and I am so glad I have now.

Sarah.G.Cosmetics was created in 2011, with affordable makeup in mind for everyone by the makeup artist Sarah McGough. With several years of experience behind her too. Her brands customer service is by far amazing. And now onto the eyeshadow trio:


What a cute little trio of gorgeous shades. Now I am going to be very honest. I’m not going to wear them daily. Well maybe the middle one but the other 2 are more of a party night or halloween colour for me. But they shall be put to brillant use!!


The 3 shades go very well with my skin tone. Swatches show just how pigmantated they are, I did have to go over them twice to get the deeper shade but they are stunning. Love the intense colour. One of my favourite things about these shadows: they are NOT tested on animals!!!

That is a complete bonus for me. I look forward to trying these beauties out more and seeing what I can do with them.

Until later on my beauties. Xx

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