Healthy Hair.

This post can be for anyone (yes, that includes you too gents!) One of the most important parts to our individuality is our hair. Whether it be long locks to short locks. Coloured to natural hair. Our locks are more important to us than we like to let on…..sometimes. For some, our hair can be a statement (a daring electric blue to a soft pink) while others it can be something that makes us closer to another person. Say your mum, who has gorgeous chocolate curls and passed them to you.

I always wondered how to look after my hair, so I thought I would share some of my findings with you. These are all from leading stylists from around the world, from all the do’s and the don’ts. Things as simple as how many times to wash your hair and how to brush it. Let’s have a lookie then:

  1. Washing your beloved locks from 2-3 times a week max. Be careful too not over wash your hair (especially if you have coloured hair) and try not to wash it daily. Over washing can strip your hair of its natural oils which it produces to keep its self healthy.
  2. Invest in a really good shampoo that suits your hair type. The curly your hair the longer you can go between washes, but the straighter it will become oily more quickly. Also shampooing the scalp is the best way to go with washing your hair. Your increasing blood flow and looking after the roots of your hair, this just adds extra nutrients to get into the hair. wpid-20150806_125412.jpg
  3. Condition. Far more important than shampooing your hair. This is were you can add all the extra moisture and strength that your hair needs. If your serious about your hair care then this is were you need to invest in good quality hair products. It can be a combo of hair masks, leave in conditioner, especially if you have coloured hair. You gotta look after those gorgeous colours folks.
  4. Towel drying. Be gentle with your hair, you don’t wanna cause any breakages. If you are applying conditioner then towel dry first and only apply afterwards. (It absorbs the moisture and everything else that it needs.) Closer to the ends of your hair is the best.
  5. Brushing. This tends to get rushed in the morning, and forgotten at night. It would seem that brushing twice a day is actually healthy for hair. When its wet only use a wide toothed comb, wet hair is far more fragile and prone to breaking. Use a different brush for styling and blow drying. Brushing from the bottom of your hair up gently, is healthier for it.

This was fun to write and really easy to find out. I can’t wait to try out some of these ideas and see if they work well with my own hair. I shall report back. Might even try a hair oil if they’re good. Now onward to healthy looking locks.


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