The Autumn Jacket.

That cold breeze is a hint that autumn (fall) is indeed on its way. Shops and stores are even getting in their autumn stock!! Who doesn’t love autumn colours, the gorgeous dark hues, the earthy colours and the rough textures.


The latest edition to my tiny jacket collection. It is an open jacket with no buttons but its gorgeous. Its from George – Asda……….I really like it okay. And only £15!!

The colours are perfect for the autumn season and the rustic feel it has. Bang on trend, the texture is rough to the eye and soft to the hand. Kinda gives it that edge that autumn brings.


Better view of the colours and its easy to see the length the jacket has. Just sits at the bottom of my hips. Long sleeves that cover the tops of your hands. Perfect!

I’ve seen the pattern on the jacket been used on quite a few pieces through out the last 2 seasons, so its defo a staple piece! Its warm, cosy and allows your body to breathe. Not being tight helps of course.

One tiny problem, its a tad scratchy on the inside (a wash sorts that!)


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