Favourite Kiko nail colour.

Slowly but surely over the last year or two I have become more confident in wearing bolder, and quirkier colours. Whether it be clothes, lipstick, eyeshadow or nail varnish. Its been loads of fun playing with loads of colours and different brands. Mixin and matchin to see what I like.


(Please ingore the mess!) This colour is amazing!! Its no. 343 by Kiko, a brand thats fast becoming one of my favourite brands in quality and its cost effictive. (Doesn’t break the bank! Yay!)  Its a great Christmas colour. According to my mum, a spring colour also.

The green brings a nice pop of colour to my uniform. Quite a few people like it at work and many customers too! (I work at a bingo) Its rather hardy and only got a tiny chip when I was dealing with coins. So it passed that hardy test. It went on beautifully and the colour is intense with 2 coats. A clear coat went on to seal it and give it more shine.
A quirky little colour for a quirky gal!


A small tip if your ever struggling with adding in colour to a dark outfit or trying something new. Just simply pop on a coloured nail varnish. It adds colour and fun. Plus it helps you get used to the colour instead of wearing something (a shirt for example) that might be a shock to the system. It gently eases you in.

I used to only wear nail varish on my toes then thought: ah why not. Glad I can show my bubbly personality through my makeup.

Who else uses makeup to express themselves?? Xx

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