The Emite Powder Blush/Bronzer

Yet another goodie for the August Glossy Box!! A small review of the the latest blush/bronzer hybrid!


The ‘blunzer’ (name by glossybox! Its kinda catchy) is by a Swedish brand called Emite. It is in fact a full size product and costs £20.59 from their web page!!


My thoughts on this product: a super high-pigment blunzer that adds a large amount of depth to the face and contours well. Personally I think it works alot better with darker skin tones. However if its used very lighty, it can add warmth on lighter skin tones. (Due to the intense pigment!)

One thing I’m not keen on is the fall out you get after a brush touches it. A pain really, to much of the product on the brush and it goes on very dark on the skin. (Having to use a smaller brush with a lighter touch!)

Apart from that problem I actually like the blunzer. It works well with my skin and gives a healthy glow. Dont even need to put on foundation or BB cream!! (Still getting used to the layers) Pleased that I only spent £10+ on the Glossy Box, saved a few bob and getting to try something I didn’t even know about. A saving on this.

Have you got a new bronzer/blush love??


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