Mememe chubby lip crayon.

Finally got the latest Glossy box and I’m very happy to say its awesome! Packed full with 4 full-size products, and a small tester this has to be one of the best boxes so far! Now onto my favourite product so far from this months box:


The Mememe lip crayon in the colour ‘Playful Peach’ is very easy to go on. (Dont put on chapped lips!! It hurts!) It gives a soft pink (coral) colour thats noticable but not in your face.


This is a small swatch on the lightest part of my wrist. Still stands out and the colour is highly pigmentated. I love how its a matte-velvet lip crayon, so it also helps hydrate the lips.

Personally this is more of a fun summer colour but its still gorgeous all the same.

Until next time beauties.


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2 thoughts on “Mememe chubby lip crayon.

    1. Shame to hear that! I never noticed any scent, im rather sensitive to smells. (It didnt apply so well with a lip balm underneath. But by its self, it went on really well!) It is more of a summer colour than autumn. But still really nice.
      Kira xx


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