Dunfermline – Best Place To Eat

Hay folks, just wanted to share a little piece of info about the town I stay close too. (Hopefully move to soon too!!) If you are ever in the Fife area, and looking for some good places to eat out. So here is one of my main suggestions:


The one I mainly go to is the City Hotel near the Glen. They have a fantastic restaraunt at the back. (Never had to use the hotel part, so can’t comment. Sorry!) The staff are very friendly and lovely to speak to. City Hotel itself is a very old building, and has loads of photos of the town’s history on display.

The service for food is also spot on. Staff let you know if things will be a little late. Quality of their food: perfection!! From their scampi and chips to their gorgeous fajita’s. (My favourite dish by a mile!)


You always get a decent serving. The range of beverigde’s being served is varied and wide. A few friends love the place for a quiet drink.

Location of the restaraunt. Its at the bottom of the high street and a 5 min walk to the glen. Beautiful spot for a picknick when we have the good weather. Luckily it has a carpark right behind it, which is very convient. It’s a great place for family meals and worth the money. Not super expensive!! Even parties.

They also have a lovely outside sitting area for when the weather decides to play nice. I highly recommend the place a visit and a treat night. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Whats your favourite place to eat??


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