Jewerlly of the Month

Forget makeup of the month, this monthly favourite’s is full of jewerlly!! All shiny and sparkly and pretty (que magpie moment!!) Yes I’m crazy about all things sparkly. There is a combo of colours, materials and seasonal pieces. Prepare to be dazzled:


A cute combo here. (No I don’t wear the earrings and braclets together. They clash) But that doesn’t mean I don’t mix them with something else. The beaded braclets are soft and perfect for autumn. Or the beach. The cute little skull earrings were a gift 2 years ago, but don’t get worn to often. (They are rather heavy!) The roses get worn alot at work. Playful and cute.


Owls!!! Who else loves these little cuties!! (Hands up now!!) Its a long line chain, perfect for open shirts. The cute little flower circle was a bargin buy (50p!!!!) It has a medium length chain and just sweet for summer. My adorable frog. Its a beautiful piece again with a medium length chain. And finally my cupcake necklace. It was a spur of the moment buy, but very worth it. It can break the ice or a funny conversation starter. (Yes I love cupcakes) A close up of the 2.



My 2 Avon buys. The beautiful earrings are normally worn whenever I decide to give an extra ‘omph’ to something. I just like wearing them. Leopard print braclett is gorgeous. Gets worn and loved often, its not to tight or slack.

What pieces of jewerlly have you beauties been wearing??


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