Shoe Day!!!

Shoes!!!! Who doesn’t love em!!! I used to hate shoe shopping but that has changed quite literally. (Mum or Ross have to drag me away from a shoe shop) oops. I thought I would share the shoes that I’ve been wearing the most this last month or 2.


Even though its “summer” the weather we have had in Scotland has been anything but sunny. The usual rain and gloom. My latest bootie purchase are the tan boots from Blue Inc during their sale. (THEY HAVE CLOSED DOWN THE WOMAN’S SECTION!!! Noooo) These booties always look great with jeans or with a cute casual dress. Plus they keep my feet really warm on colder days.

The heels are a must for any party night. Give any outfit a sense of attitude. Plus I just love these heels. They are from new look a few years ago and haven’t let me down once.


Another pair of booties. Surprise!!! Again new look purchase years ago. I look the chocolate brown colour and are fab when its raining heavy. The bottom of my legs don’t get so wet!!! These only really get worn with jeggings and the block pink dress. A fab combo!!


Sandals……finally make an apperance. Only worn them a couple times when the weather has been amazing. Just love them but the clasps are beginning to dig into my ankles. Ouch after a long day.

My only problem with shoes, is that I can’t really get them as a gift. I have to try them on first. Some shoes I’m a size 6 and others I’m a size 7 (mainly heels!) It can get very irrating but I’d rather have comfy shoes than be crippled by them any day.

How long have you had your favourite pair of shoes?? Where did you get them??


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