Candle love

Ah the smell of a lovely new candle burning. So relaxing and can so easily set the mood. Who doesn’t love a candle! Got mum this new candle as a little pressie.


I found this candle at asda for £5. I’ve never used NSPA before and only just found out they have a huge range of products. But the candle was a must.

It’s a very strong scent to begin with, but after about 10 mins it settles beautifully. Plus you can smell it all round the house!! Brilliant. A great little stress reliever after a long hard day. I wont say it smells like summer. If I had to say what it smelled like, I would say it smells like a flower shop.

Although I don’t think my little bro liked it as much as me and mum. It may have been to strong for him.

Who else loves candles??


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