Lipstick Wardrobe

I am a self-confessed lipstick addict. Everyone knows this, my partner has even given me an allowance each month for how many I can buy. (Not very nice!!!) My collection is growing and maybe becoming my new wardrobe. Here are some lippies for this summer:


The front row. Stand to attention please!


The closest colour to my wrist is the first one in the pic. Its ‘Vermillion’ by Avon (they all are!!) And its a great way to add a pop of colour to an outfit. Or if I feel daring. Next is the middle of both pics. This is ‘Country Rose’ and a little less daring, in the colour side. Not as bright not still bold. And finally ‘Berry Glitz’ is more of a nature/lip pink. It’s a nice safe opition when I aint feeling as brave.

Now on to some darker shades for the upcoming autumn (or fall) I love dark shades and wear them alot more than brighter shades. Here are some for my fellow lipstick lovers:


Here are the swatches of these beauties:


The brightest is the creamy ‘Frostiest Mauve’ a darker pink that works well all skin shades. In the middle is ‘Plum Intrigue,’ this adds a dash of daring and allure to most outfits. Plus its bold. Who can resist. Finally one of my personal favourites, ‘Oxford Wine’ is the darkest in my collection. Love this for autumn but prefer it for winter festivals.

Whats your lipstick collection like? Share your pics beauties.


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