A girl’s best friend!

Does anyone know what a girl’s bestfriend is?? Could it be diamonds?? Her favourite lippie perhaps? Or is it the eyeliner she just can’t leave the house without. Well I think I know what it is…….it’s her makeup bag! It’s got all her stuff in it, that makes her feel unstoppable. Here’s mine beauties:


It’s kinda packed to bursting, but hay a woman has got to be prepared for anything aint she!! The bag is from the recent glossy box (it was a bronze one from Avon!) Now for the run down of stuff I have in it!!


Yes I know I have 2 brushes! The orange double headed is the face brush and then I have my Urban Decay eye brush. (Just too top up eye makeup, I swear!) I have my favourite bronzer with me at all times! (I have a post up about it!) A nail file and little mirror. Both important. Also got a small eyeshadow compact from Avon. If I could fit my Naked palette’s I would take them with me!!


Ah yes, my inhaler is a must. I don’t like it swimming about my bag, so it has a solid place in the makeup bag. And I know where it is at all times. (Just incase) My two favourite eyeliners come with me too. One from Avon – a kohl liner – and the other is my liquid liner from Kiko (slowly falling in love with it, when I have it on right of course!) Finally a concealer from Soap and Glory along with an eye roll-on incase they need a pick-me up. XD


And finally, the lip products!! How I end up having so many in one bag, is beyond me. The Délicieuse and Baby Lips remedy are great lip balms to have. Always so soft. Elf seems to be making a grand entrance with its 2 lip tints.
Brilliant for putting under a lipstick. Last but not least the lipsticks. L’oreal Paris in Sweet Berry is a great nude for work.

Avon ‘Vintage Pink’ (the red one) and Rimmel London ‘Sugar Plum’ (purple case) also make an entrance to work or from going out and about. The lip crayon from Lord & Berry adds loads of fun on a boring day.

The makeup bag does get revamped for nights out and during different seasons. See what happens.

Whats in your makeup bag??


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14 thoughts on “A girl’s best friend!

  1. I love this! I definitely feel your pain on the having to take your inhaler everywhere, I have asthma too and it sucks! Check out my blog I just started yesterday! I already have a review up! Would love help getting started!

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