Moving Out…..Wait, What!!?

Thats right, I’m moving outta my mum’s to stay with my partner in 2 weeks. It’s not happening yet, but I guess this calls for a moment to act mature and all that. OH MY GOD, AHHHHHHHH!!!! Okay, I’m cool now.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve wanted to move out for ages. But the thought of it actually happening…….in less than 2 weeks…….its kinda daunting and terrifying. I thought I was gonna have at least a couple months to save, and look around the market.

Now me and the other half need to decide if we go private rent, (super expensive, choose location, paying someone else’s mortgage) buying a place of our own, (again super expensive, would be more ideal, but both of us are going to college!!) or if we go council which can take ages, however far more affordable.

Ahhhhhh. All these choices and decisions we have too make now. My poor head is swimming with all this information and the unknowing. However I’m very excited about this turn of events. Its a new journey, a new adventure and I can’t wait.

Gonna miss my mum, (and the cuppa she makes in the morning!) I’ll miss the little bro, curling up on the sofa watching all our disney films. And bugging Ricky (stepdad) on how to cook this or that. (Im not very good yet!!) But I will still see them, to the point they will most likely ban me from the house. Lol.

Any advice for us?? Or for anyone else who is moving. Xx

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