Products I wish I never got!!!!

We have all been there. We get a product that’s either been recommend to us or we have been wanting to try for ages……And it turns out to be a complete waste of cash!!! I’ve got 2 products that I’m just got to rant about.


First off the good old wax strips by Veet. I got these after mum had her accident. After much debting we tried them. I had done everything shown on the pack, pulled the strip off the right way too. And the results, mum’s leg ended up looking more like a pruned tomatoe than silk.

She wasn’t allergic either. Did the unsightly leg hair come off…………not really. Maybe little bits here and there, but not nearly what should have. Never gonna get these again. So we just went back too the good old fashioned shaver.

On too the other item. Batiste dry shampoo. Were should I even begin!! Got this cause it was cheap, I was in a rush and had forgot to wash my hair that day. After 2 hours of having it in my hair, it just didn’t feel natural. My hair just didn’t feel nice to the touch, felt greasy and gritty.

By the end of my shift (4 hours) I was dying to wash my hair. It just did not feel nice. I do have friends who love batiste and use it to give their hair a lift. But it doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m actually giving this to one of them later!! Only plus I can actually say about it, is that it smells really nice.

Have you gals got a product you wish you never bought??


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