Délicieuse Lip Balm Review

My Glossy Box finally arrived the other day. Happily I’ll admit that this month’s box was so much better than last month’s!!! This month’s box is all about skin care, and lip care. Which as always is a big plus when your wanting something new to try. (The makeup bag is a cute plus too!!)


This little cutie is by Lollipops called Délicieuse (Nightmare to say! I’m English, but I shall get there.) This is really good. While it doesn’t tingle, it softens beautifully. Very creamy in texture and thick in consistency. It works really well with a lipstick over it (be careful with a matte lipstick though. Tends to blot a little with the balm undernearth.)

The lip balm’s packaging is adorable and very girly. (Not much of a pink lover, at least it aint shocking pink!!) It’s also a full size product and worth £4.15 shop at http://www.lollipopsmakeup.fr. I absolutely love this little french delight!

Now to try the skin care……..can’t wait!!

Until next time beauties. Xx

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