Health Kick!

The time has come. Something I keep putting off and always feel rubbish about later on. But now I believe its time to start being a little more serious about the subject and just jump right in.


I have decided to take up jogging!! For some that might not even be that huge. But for me, it is. I’ve never really done jogging before. Dont normally get physicallt active either. Netball and walking was my only outlet of keeping fit and I then gave up netball in high school. (Horrible bullies, but I shoulda kept at it)

However I have decided to take the plunge and just get fit again. Get active and boost my confidence at the same time. Now I’m not doing this cause I want the ‘perfect body’ I’m doing this for my own health. To kick my asthama in the bum and any other health condition. Which is becoming a huge motivater.

Thinking of starting off gentle, just a small jog\walk round the meadows to see how far I can go.

Also I’m thinking about healthy eating but not sure how to go about that. I love chocolate to much and eat a lot of rubbish. Any advice would be great.

And anyone who would like to join me on this new health thing, lets motivate eachother!!!

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