June Favourite’s

A little late in this post but better late than never. Normally I don’t do a ‘favourites’ simply cause I either foget or use a mish mash of items. This month I’ve noticed that I have been rather good, so here they are:


Not a huge selection, but very well loved. Not very summery either………I like winter tones. That is my defence. XD

The vitamin E face mist is an absolute must in this rather muggie, close weather we have been having. I’ve been using it at least twice a day, even without makeup. Very refreshing!


The lippie!!!!! It’s a little more purple than the pic. This is the ‘Frostiest Mauve’ from Avon and recently been used in the last week. Works well for both social and work. It looks matte, but a gorgeous creamy texture. Although, don’t have dry lips with this. (Looks terrible!)

The foot mist is great for when the feet get a little too hot or in dire need of some refreshing. Smells nice too. And it cools the feet down and stops some itching.

Nail polish. The blue is by Rimmel London in ‘Aqua Cool’ not too dark, but almost pastel like. Quirky and playful. The purple is by Avon (again) in the colour ‘Luxe Lavander’ a lovely tone for a party night.


The eyeliner and a first for me. Its a liquid liner so it was rather fun playing with this one. From Kiko in the colour black or 103. (a new fav brand!!) This was a little strange putting on and it gets worn for work (if I have time!!) or during a social event. Basically dinner and a get together. Workd rather well with my brown eyes.

And finally the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. I’ve been teaming these cooler tones with some greens and soft blues during nights out. Getting the hang of it……..slowly.

What’s your favourite for June?? Let me know! Xx

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