Collection Cosmetics – Field Day Lipstick

Ah, back to blogging. Needed to take a much needed break, and I’m glad I did. But I’m back and with some new goodies. (If your into art that is!!) However this post is a beauty post, so here it goes. image This is the cute lipstick that I got in my latest Glossy box. It’s from the Collection Cosmetics new Field Day range in the cute shade ‘Pink Rose 1’ This is the full size product as well. I have tried it and surprisingly I’m not super keen. image The only reason I’m not keen is the fact that it’s just a bit ‘too’ pink for me. The lipstick itself has a gorgeous creamy texture, and a lovely matte finish. But the colour just doesn’t work for me personally. However that doesn’t mean it wont get used!!! I shall find a way to use it!! Simply because it is a great lipstick. Shame I prefer dark, bold shades. But this colour is great for spring/summer or to add some colour. Xx

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2 thoughts on “Collection Cosmetics – Field Day Lipstick

  1. The color is so pretty, but I know what you mean. I buy a lot of pink lipsticks that I think are so pretty only to put them on my lips and think “too pink”

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