Zerreau Beauty – Towel off Shampoo Review

Got to try something a little new and a little different this week in my latest Glossy Box! Normally I just give my hair a good wash every 2-3 days (like everyone else, my hair can get super greasy!!) But I got something new and strange to try, and here it is cuties:


This is the ‘Zerreau Beauty Towel Off Shampoo’ a brand I have never heard of but have happily tired lately. This is NOT full size!! The full size is £7.95 from http://www.festivalshampoo.com

My first opinion on the product….meh. Being very honest with you all here. Normally this kinda stuff doesn’t do it for me but I gave it a shot. I guess I was hesitant to give it a go, cause no water is required.

For short hair maybe a small handful of the foam. (It needs a good shake before hand!) I simply put a large amount on straight onto my roots, massaged it in to them and scalp and then covered the rest of my hair. I do have to admit it smells gorgeous!! Like really nice. It smells of sweet, juicy apples. Yum!!

Anyway, after massaging it into hair and roots, it was just a case of simply towel drying my hair, making sure I got all the product out. (Yes I did this when my hair was a little more ew to see if the results were any good.) The results for that day was great, it felt clean – although a little heavy, like when you have loads of moose in – smelled clean and most importantly, my hair looked clean.

However my hair the next day, it was shower time by far. This product is great if you need something quick and fresh. Better than the spray dry shampoo thats a fact!! Would I ever get it? A full size can for sure. But only ever use in an emergancy!!

Bye for now beauties and cuties. Xx

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