Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!! REVIEW

Hay folks. Sorry if I’m not around much or if I’ve suddenly disappeared off the face of the planet. I will most likely be hiding in my pillow fort playing the latest release in the Monster Hunter series.


Yes I know, this isn’t a usual post for me, but this game is beyond amazing and I want folk to know how good it is!!!!! IT’S AMAZING……I said that already. XD

This game is exactly what is says, a monster hunting game. With loads of quests, crazy beasts, strange items and a great story line. Plus the armor and
weapons you can make!!!! Eeek!!!

Is it better than the other games before it??? Of course. The graphics are brilliant, and the detail is on point. Not too mention the adorable little cat you get – sorry a Palico. Not just that, unlike all the games before it your jumping straight into the action.

It’s on the Ds3 and streetpass is an essantial part of the game to, unless you like to hunt alone……respect to all lone wolves out there!! I’m still working up through the ranks, so harder quests on the horizon.

Its a perfect mix of fantasy, hunter and gathering. While not throwing any newbies into the deep end. Hope all you hunters like!! Xx

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