Vo5 Styling Hair Wax (Putty!)


I’ve actually had this hair styling product for ages, and I mean ages. Found it, all lonely at the back of my beauty draw. (Where all my stuff goes when its not being used!)

I’m beating myself up for not using this earlier. It is such a good product, however I am still a novice in the hair department. (Normal ponytail or hair down kinda gal!) But recently I thought it would be fun to try something new. So in with the messy hair and would be curls. Lol.

I just rub the putty (wax) in between my fingers and then just work it into my the base my hair and roots. Ta-da instant messy hair. I just can never get it to look so flawless and effortless. How do you do it???!!!

Best thing about this stuff is that you can re-work it all day. And normally my hands are always messing up ny hair. So this works perfect for me.

You beauties got any hair style secerts?? Xx

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