What is success to you??


Sorry for the late post!! Family and work issues. During this time however, I got asked the same question several times. And it got me thinking about all our different opinions. So I’d like to ask you the same question: What is success to you?!?

We all have such different opinions on what success is. For me, its having the job that I have. A small success on a larger scale. Or when I finish a project that I’ve been working on for ages. Just gives me that little boost of feeling good. (dances happily!) Or that I’m now taking my health alot more seriously and eating better. It’s a success that has positive effects.

Is your success were you completed that marathon you’ve been training for?? Getting that volunteer postition that can boost your confidence?? Or is it something else?? Is it something so small, many wouldn’t class is as a success? I think any achievement big or small is a success, so please share your thoughts!! I’d love to know! Xx

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