Body Shop Perfume Reviews.

Hello gorgeous people. For some reason I just wanna give everyone a massive hug!! (Not sure why……just roll with it XD)
Anyway I am in dire need of some new perfumes. And I figured the body shop had some in. I am so glad I went in!! The selection was huge! But I had too pick my favourite’s and here they are:


The blue one is the gorgeous ‘Fijian Water Lotus’ fragrance mist. This has such a subtle clean scent that it will be used in my room. It kinda reminds me of the scent after a thunder storm. The clean, fresh air and you can just smell everything. It’s so soothing and……wow!! You just need to smell it! It’s a body mist but will be used in my room instead.

The second one is very different. Its the ‘Madagascan Vanilla Flower’ and it has a punch to it! This smells a little strong but after a minute, it settles nicely. It really does smell of vanilla. But it makes you want to move or think of a tropical island! This one will be going in my bag, just cause I love it. XD

Also Body Shop has a offer on their fragrance section. Buy 3 and the cheapest out of them is free. Just a heads up. I was really pleased with it. Can you guess what I got 2 of?? Xx

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