Kiko Smart Lipstick Review.

Hello beauties. Got a little review here for you all today. A Kiko review!! Finally got round to using some of the products that I got in my haul. So here is one of many to come.


That’s right!! It’s one of my Kiko lippies! Most of you will know I’m a lip-a-holic and I can become a very strict critic of them. And this beauty had not disappointed me at all. You can see just how dark it actually is in the picture.


It’s a gorgeous dark plum-red colour. (Flash is on in the pic, sorry!!) It’s in the shade 914 in the ‘Smart’ collection. The lipstick has a lovely creamy like texture, making really easy to put on. And a little dewy too. Surprisingly it wasn’t very drying on the lip like I was expecting it too be.
It needed a little touch up through out the day, but it was very wearable. This lipstick goes in my makeup bag for nights out or dates with the other half.

Whats you fave Kiko product?? Have you ever tired Kiko?? Xx

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