Coping with Migraines

Hay everyone. I love warm weather, but at the same time I hate it. That’s due to the migraines that I suffer from daily. Of course each person suffers different migraines and how we cope with them can be different also. There are many different types of migraines. So I want to share with you all a few ways that helps me keep a record of them and how I cope with them.

I suffer migraines that last ages. They move alot and are normally related to my stress and emotional levels. They can become so intensense that I can taste iron in my mouth and feel sick like. Also certain foods trigger them. (I know, annoying, but some foods help!) At times I can suffer from aura migraines which effect my vision and hearing.


Basic ways of stopping a migraine: drink plenty of water. It sounds silly but most migraines can be triggered by dehydration. So always keep yourself hydrated, espically during the warmer weather. (Little blue box is my meds for when I’m hit with a killer migraine that usually hit hard!)


Sugar!! Be careful with this one. Normally when a migraine starts, I always have something with natural sugar. Like an orange juice, or some dark chocolate. Always use natural sugar, artifical sugar seems to make it either worse or sickness. Some sugars can make them worse or make you feel ill during a migraine. (It happens to me, but everyone is different!)


Food. Yet another tricky one. Many foods can have an effect on migraine activity. For example, cheese hates me!! I mean really hates me. But I love cheese, I just can’t eat too much of it at once. (Keep a journal!!)

Heat can also have an effect on us. If it gets to hot, get in the shade. Keep hydrated if your out in the sun. Wearing a hat can help (shame I don’t suit hats!!)


A big one that I find annoying but so easy to forget about, is screens. If a migraine starts, or you feel it building try not to look at any form of screen. (Phone, tablet, TV, computer etc) This can cause an aura around your eyes, vision becomes hazy, and the migraine can become centered into that area. (Which is where my migraines are the worst. My eyes get sore, vision goes blurry, and I forget things too.)


The best way to combat any form of migraine is too simply keep a journal for them. It can help you find out what is triggering them, what situations caused the migraine? Where are they starting from, how do they move and how long do they last?
If you take this to your doctor’s you will be able to find the best treatment for your migraine. Also if they become more painful than usual ask for a CT scan. Just incase.

Do you have any advice for migraine suffers?? Xx

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