New Haircut and New Hairdresser

Hello gorgeous people. Its such a gorgeous day, I’ve had the chance to enjoy some sun for once!! (Days off are normally cold, dark weather) I’ve had to make a choice lately. Either get my scaffolding done or get my hair cut. So I went for the hair cut (in dire need for it!)


The choppie bob!! I actually hate bob’s, I’m not sure why. I just don’t like them. But I actually like this chic, choppie and messy bob. Not childish looking or block-like. It’s soft and classy. And I can do so much with it.

I went to a new hair dressers (old one damaged my hair, and I never feel welcome!) and the difference between them is huge. They were fantastic. I was asked what I wanted, was given a few recommendations for how it could look. (Even showed me how to curl it, and put in a soft wave!!) Was even offered a cuppa!! Was given some advice for my hair’s health too.
Million Hair in Dunfermline. I will be returning again that’s for sure.

If your not sure on your hairdressers, then don’t be afraid to move to a new one. The quality and difference can be very unique between them. Also, if your wanting to go from long hair to short hair. It can be a very scarier time, sounds silly I know but it can cause a slight shock to the system. So take your time, maybe edit some photos with short hair and then decide. No point in trying something you end up regretting in the near future.

Have you beauties got a fave hairdresser? If so, why?? Xx

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