New Garnier Ultimate Blends – Honey Treasures Review

Hello gorgeous people!! It’s yet another beautiful day (for once, although windy) and I can not believe I have not mentioned my new shampoo love. Yes, I am infact having a love affair with my shampoo!! (Don’t tell the other half!)


These are my new favourite hair care essentails! They don’t just leave my long hair feeling really soft, but have strengthened from root to tip.

Normally I would brush my hands through my hair and the amount of hair attached to my hand scared me. (Even though I’ve been looking after it!! But not used my hair mask in ages) But that has reduced in the last week. Yay XD

Not just the amazing strength it gives but it leaves your hair smelling like honey for days!! The shampoo and conditioner have great consistency, plus they don’t leave hair feeling greasy.


If you don’t have strong hair and it’s really brittle then I highly suggest this. You can get it from most boots. (Couldn’t find it in the small local one!)

Ps, getting my hair cut short-ish soon, would you beauties like a post going from long to short hair?? Going to a new hairdressers so nervous and excited.

Have you gorgeous people got a holy grail for hair? If so, what is it??

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