Who are you?? – Daily Inspiration

Who are you? It’s a common question we all ask. But when people ask it, am I the only one that gets the feeling it’s a much more loaded question, than simply whats your name?

Its not just asking your name. Which is basically a label. The person asking the question, is asking what your social statues is. Asking what your place in this world is. Its asking ‘who’ the person is. Are you a hobbiest?? A designer? A teacher? An adventurer? ( If you are, I envy you so much. In a good way of course.)

Some people aren’t sure of ‘who they are’ which isn’t a nice feeling. Some don’t notice that they are a person. The thing is: we are all someone. Strip a person of their name: who are they after that??

Are you a mother/father? Then that makes you a teacher, a best friend, a hero, a protecter, a peace keeper. So your more than just a parent. Alot more than that.

You have friends? Siblings? Work mates? Then your someone to them. A shoulder to lean on. A partner in crime. A patient teacher.

We each have connections in life with so many other people. Your more than your name. Your son or a daughter to someone. A hero to someone else. You could be teacher to the many, without realising it.

Me? I’m a daughter, a best friend, a partner in crime at times, a lover, a sister and so much more.

So I ask again: Who are you?


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