Watercolours. A Wandering Artists Tool

Hello all you amazing arty people. Got a new post for all creative people out there. Do you guys get inspiration all of a sudden when your out and about??  But then realise that you have no art stuff on you to get the colour or shape down. I get that often (a little too often actually!!) but I have invested in a watercolour box that I can carry around with me. And it must be shared with you all.


This piece of kit is ‘Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolours Sketcher’s Pocket Box’ and a lovely little god send it is! I love this, and bring it almost eveywhere with me. (Unless I’m working then it stays at home.)

The colour pigmention in the paints themselves are fantastic, with 12 colours in total. Only thing is you don’t actually get a black in the set. The little paint blocks can be bought individually either online, or from a really good art shop.


The best thing about these is that the are so small!! The little silver brush is apart of the paint set, and can fit in your bag so easily. It’s also very light in weight which is an added bonus. Just make sure you have a bottle of water on you (just don’t drink it if your using the water for the paints, trust me it ain’t nice at all!)

I like using these to get some basic colour and then and in more detail with pencils over the top.

Do you guys like water colour paints??
Do you like carrying round art stuff with you everywhere too?? If so, whats your favourite tool?? Xx

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3 thoughts on “Watercolours. A Wandering Artists Tool

  1. I love painting with watercolors, but it’s been many years since I last did so. Here are my paintings that I have shared: http://exploratorius.us/tag/art/
    And here is one that includes a shot of the painting side-by-side with the actual subject, along with a photo of me with the tiny watercolor kit by my side: http://exploratorius.us/2013/10/04/honeymoon-art/

    Here are some tips: once you finish using the colors in the pans, DON’T THROW THE EMPTY PANS OUT! Instead, keep the pans and refill them with better quality paint from tubes — you can use any brand that tickles your fancy — Winsor & Newton, Blockx, Holbein, Old Holland, Rembrandt, Schmincke, Sennelier, you name it. You can save HUGE amounts of money using this trick.

    I now use the tiny W&N Artists’ Field Box with the half-pans (http://www.dickblick.com/products/winsor-and-newton-artists-watercolor-field-box-set/#photos), which I’ve hacked to include a couple extra half-pans of color. The similarly-sized Holbein version looks like a winner as well (http://www.dickblick.com/products/holbein-pro-compo-travel-kit/#photos).

    Once the empty pans are refilled with fresh paint (watercolor or gouache), just put them in an oven with the light on and let the heat of the light dry them out. No need for the oven to actually be turned on; the light alone should be enough warmth to dry them out. This may take a couple of days to complete, but the secret is slooow heat; too fast and the pans will warp and the paint will crack.

    I mixed my brands up so that I had the pigments I liked best, rather than stay with just one manufacturer or one line of colors.

    Oh, and always use distilled water for your paintings. The reason for this is that ordinary tap water will cause mold to grow in the paint pans. The paint is supposed to include a mold inhibitor, but I found the distilled water trick is fool-proof.

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    1. Wow thts alot of very useful information. And ur work is fantastic. Ive reused my pan twice so far and ill be trying out tht trick with slow heat too. Could save so much in materials. Thanks hun

      Kira xx


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