The Life of A Carer.

Hello my beautiful people. Going to be talking about something very important to me personally and to many other people. Before I start, a question to all of you: How open minded are you really? Have you ever seen the distrubing side of people towards carers or the people they care for??

I have. I get it often. Rude, snide like comments, disapproving looks for having a special needs brother and people trying to give me pity!!

Does it bother me, yes at times it does. But I consider myself very lucky, I’ve grown up quickly, I have learned respect and patience. Some things that many people lack or look down upon.

Being a carer can be difficult, very difficult at times, my younger brother has p16 syndrome and can not speak. He lacks communication skills and some motor skills. But that doesn’t stop him from being a hyper active monster, who loves to give everyone a cheeky, million dollar smile. Even though he will not live as long as me. How did he get the syndrome, I have no idea. Appartently it’s a mutation, or deletion of the chorosome no.16. Even now there isn’t that much information on it.


Being a carer means you have to give up some things (college for me at the moment) but I don’t grudge him. Its difficult but so rewarding being a carer. I’m overprotective at times as well.

Being a carer means you have to think about someone else before yourself. Are they needing changed?? Are they hunger?? Are they feeling okay?? What’s wrong, do they have a cold??
These questions fly round a carers head on a daily basis, you no longer sleep heavily at night. I’m now a light sleeper, keeping an ear out for Sean at night incase something happened.

People forget that something can happen to them or a family member that can change their lives forever. We don’t know what can happen round the corner.

Are you a carer?? Do you care for a family member or do you work in the care area?? Xx

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