Kiko cosmetics haul!!

Hello gorgeous people. Hope your all enjoying the amazing weather today. I certainly am (rare day off!!) Anyway, I had an order arrive from Kiko Cosmetics. Which I had never heard of until I started blogging and instagram. (I know, I was living under a rock!!) U had heard loads of good things about the brand and wanted to see if their products were worth the hype.


And I may have went slightly overboard on the spending! But I just couldn’t resist all of the new products. Even got a liquid eyeliner (never used one before) some lovely nail colours, 2 gorgeous eyeshadows and some more lippie. (I’m a self confessed lipstick-a-holic!)


These are so gorgeous. Not exactly spring like, but I prefer darker colours on my toes and lighter shades on my nails.


I’m a lover of a dark bold lip, but the black lippie was just to hard to resist!! (Plus its really hard to find a good black lipstick!) And the packaging is also amazing for both too.


Again 2 darker eyeshadows, which I do prefer. Can’t wait to try them out, and eyeliner. (One is liquid, so this will be fun.) Plus eho can forget a trustie nail file made outta glass.

Do you beauties like Kiko?? Whats your fav product by them?? Xx

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6 thoughts on “Kiko cosmetics haul!!

  1. I really enjoyed going through your post! Really cool (and stylish too!) it looks like you bought loads of cute stuff, that lipstick shade is nice too! keep it up! I just posted some makeup trends straight from the runway, would love to know what you think!
    Keep blogging!


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